Phoenix - LH
Phoenix - LH
Phoenix - LH

Oneida Eagle Bows

Phoenix - LH

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Strike from above with the smooth shooting, silent, hard-hitting energy and accuracy of the Oneida Eagle Phoenix.

  • Silky smooth draw cycle
  • Machined aluminum riser prepared to take the worst of abuse
  • Draw stops attached to timing wheel to further add to total shooter accommodation
  • Solid back wall
  • New suppression system allows for quiet shots, and that “dead in the hand” feel
  • True center-shot riser to give maximum accuracy and consistency to every shooter
  • Can shoot at any point in draw cycle without damaging the bow
  • Different cam modules that effect draw length and let-off to achieve highest customization
  • Hard-hitting, high speeds, with great Kinetic energy allows hunters to harvest big game
  • Can be made into a Bowfishing bow that brings accuracy all night in the boat
  • 100% made in America by hunters for hunters