Oneida Eagle Bows


Are there videos available to learn about my bow and help me work on my bow?

Please see our instructional videos on our website by clicking here.

Do you sell internationally?

We do have a few International Dealers and also have several Oneida Dealers that ship internationally, please refer to Dealer list

Do we sell limbs?

No, we do not sell limbs. If your bow is within the servicing requirements and needs a new set, you can send the bow into us, however we will not ship out limbs, cams, or timing.

Can I send my older Oneida Bow in for repair?

Some older models can be sent in for repair. These models include: Black Eagle (no wood lam.), Osprey, Talon, Kestrel. All others will not qualify for servicing, due to outdated parts. 

Where can I purchase an Oneida Bow?

You may purchase an Oneida from any of our many Oneida Dealers please refer to the Dealer List (link)

Who repairs or works on Oneida bows?

We have several Authorized Repair Dealers please contact your closest Oneida Dealer or fill the Repair Authorization Form and submit pictures of area needing repair for our Bow Tech to review and give guidance.

Why shouldn’t I put my bow in a bow press?

Oneida Bows do not need a classic bow press for take-down or repair. The use of a bow press will physically damage an Oneida Bow and could cause bodily injury.

How do I adjust my draw length?

Draw length is adjusted with combinations of draw modules and draw stops. Please see our instructional videos for more information. (link)

What modules should I use?

Modules are a personal choice. In each of the three draw length categories we offer 75-80% , 65%, and 50% let-off modules. Please see our instructional help videos (link)

How do I change my draw-weight ?

Changing draw weight is easy and involves procedures easily learned by watching our instructional videos. (link)

How far can I safely adjust my draw-weight down to?

If you measure along the limb bolt between the end cap and the riser, the space should not exceed ¼”. If you would need further help contact us.

How far back does Oneida’s Warranty go?

Our warranty, parts and service cover back to 2009. If you happen to own an older Oneida Bow we will attempt to help you find a Dealer close to you that may carry older parts and may be able to work on your older Oneida bow.

If I put aftermarket parts on my bow will it void my warranty?

Aftermarket sights, rests, quivers, stabilizers, and like accessories do not effect Warranty. Aftermarket cables, cams, wheels, etc. will void your warranty. See your Warranty Coverage located in your owner’s manual for details of your Oneida Bow coverage.

I have the older laminate outboard limbs, can I purchase a new set of outboard limbs?

If they are on our Osprey, Phoenix, Kestrel, Talon, or Black Eagle, ESC we require a Repair Authorization Form to be filled out and submitted online with pictures, after review our Tech will supply you with a quote on cost of exchange and a RA # to return the Bow for the exchange of Outboard Limb(s).

Where can I find a copy of the Phoenix/Osprey owner's manual?

Click Here to download a the Phoenix and Osprey combined owner's manual.

Does Oneida make a youth bow?

No, we have no specific youth model. Archers who can physically fit the models that we make can comfortably shoot them.

Why are left handed Ospreys more expensive?

Right-handed Ospreys are molded Magnesium, the left-handed Ospreys are machined aluminum.

What arrow weight is recommended for Osprey & Phoenix Bows?

Oneida Bows handle heavy arrows well, 8 grains per inch or higher is recommended.

Do we have Manuals for the older models?

We do not have manual copies for any bows that are not being currently manufactured. 

Do we offer Discounts?

We do not offer discounts directly since we are only a manufacturing plant. We encourage our Oneida Dealers to provide top of the line service to our customers. Please contact your local dealer and see what they have to offer you! 

We are the manufacturing plant, so for any promotions or discounts, we encourage you to contact your local Oneida Dealer!

What arrow rests are recommended for a Phoenix?

Almost any standard arrow rest or limb-driven drop-away rest will work.

What arrow rest is recommended for the Osprey?

Most all bowfishing rests will work. We have our own rest that was designed to be compatible with the Osprey and provide optimum performance.

What arrow rest would you recommend for a left-handed Osprey?

There are many bow fishing rests that work well on a left handed Osprey. Check with your local Archery Store which should be able to accommodate your left handed bow rest needs.

Can I take my suppression system off the Phoenix?

Yes, absolutely, but your bow may be a little louder. Link

Can I use my Phoenix for Bowfishing with the Suppression System on it?

Yes, the Phoenix is versatile, you can bowfish and hunt with it.

What are the differences between a Phoenix and an Osprey?

The Osprey has a narrow shelf, designed for bowfishing or feather fletched arrows. It also has a magnesium riser and is limited to 50 pounds of draw weight. The Phoenix has a wide shelf to utilize todays vane fletched arrows and has a machined aluminum riser rated beyond 70 pound. The Phoenix also boasts a suppression system for quieter hunting.