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Oneida Eagle Bows

Learning Center

  • Setup
  • Osprey
  • Phoenix
  • Maintenance

Before Every Shooting Session

General Bow Maintenance Tips

Trouble Shooting Bow Noise or Erratic Arrow Flight

Measuring Draw Length

Draw Length, Let-Off and Bow Safety

Osprey Bow Overview

Osprey Parts Overview

Osprey - Required Tools

Osprey - Adjustment of Draw Weight, Tiller or Timing

Osprey - Setting Brace Height

Osprey - Modules, What They Are, How to Change and Use Them

Osprey - Replacing Cables

Phoenix Bow Overview

Phoenix Parts Overview

Phoenix - Adjusting Draw Weight and Tiller or Timing

Phoenix - Modules: What They Are, How to Change and Use Them

Phoenix - Installing or Replacing Cables on Phoenix

Phoenix - Adjusting Draw Length

Phoenix - Changing a Bow String

Phoenix - Required Tools